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Terms and Condition

Code of Conduct

  • You shall undertake and perform your duties in such capacity and at such places as directed 

       by TeamVx. 

  • You shall maintain good conduct, discipline, and punctuality, and show courtesy and attention to 

      all persons in their transactions. 

  • You shall discharge your duties with utmost integrity, honesty, devotion, and diligence and 

      do nothing which is unbecoming of yours or which is likely to tarnish the image of TeamVx. 

      Cases of fraud and dishonesty will attract a penalty of dismissal. 

  • You shall maintain secrecy about the affairs of TeamVx and its customers and will sign a 

      declaration of fidelity and secrecy in the prescribed form. 

  • No Team Members shall engage in any trade or business or accept employment or fee for 

      any work done by him outside TeamVx. 

  • No Team Members shall take an active part in politics and stand for election. 

  • No Team Members shall indulge in gambling or speculative activities in any shares, stocks, 

      securities, commodities, or valuables. He/She can, however, make a faith investment of his own 

      funds in such securities as he/she may wish to buy. 

  • TeamVx is committed to maintaining a professional work environment and strongly 

      disapproves of all forms of sexual harassment. 

  • During the tenure of your services or within 6 months of employment ends, you shall not be allowed to inquire the Client about any Finance related matters. Any contravention of this condition will entail the termination of your services from TeamVx and would be blocked for future employment at TeamVx. 

While you are in the employment of TeamVx, 

You may be given or handed over TeamVx's property and/or equipment for official use and you shall take care of them including their upkeep. On cessation of employment with TeamVx, you shall return all documents, hardware, and papers relating to the affairs of TeamVx, purchased with TeamVx's money, which may have come to you, and also any property of TeamVx in your possession.

Confidential Information

You will not at any time without the consent of the company disclose or divulge or make public except on 

legal obligations regarding the company’s affairs or administration or research carried out whether the

same may be confided to you or become known to you in the course of services or otherwise. 

This includes, but is not limited to information associated with company internal discussions, documents/ records, client details, business plans, etc. Confidential Information is to be held in the strictest confidence, whether the means of access to such information is verbal, documented, computerized, or otherwise obtained. Breach of confidence includes the intentional or involuntary unauthorized release of this information, and could lead to severe action up to, and including, immediate termination of employment or even legal action. 



Performance Based Termination

If you are intentionally found to be consistently underperforming even after correction support and warnings, you may be asked to end this internship on an immediate basis.

Leaving The Project In Half

If you are leaving the internship in the mid of the month without a stipend. 

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